Shifrt, Hunter, Evil


Ash was only four years old when the Gods abandoned our realm, however, he remembered that day clearly. A great anxiety stirred the council into action, and unease swept over his tribe. The next day his basic combat training had begun. Ordinarily this was reserved for those whom had proven themselves, and only after their sixth birthday. It was decreed mandatory by his elders ensuring even that even youngest of shifters could survive on their own if a mass retreat was ever deemed necessary.

His next ten years hardly strayed from the norm. It was an endless, yet enjoyable, cycle of training, hunting, and trading with the neighboring clans. On rare occasions he would serve as a scout for merchants, guiding them through the thick brush of the bordering forest. It was while escorting a trader that he saw firsthand the raw evil of man unbound by morals. Bringing back news of the devastation to the [north-west], his clan became more withdrawn from society and pushed further, [south], into the open plains.

Ash was seventeen now, already an adult for a year, when his tribe’s hunters began reporting small bands of unruly men in encampments dotting the distant hillsides. The clan had grown complacent in recent years. Their total withdrawal from all other races lead to dwindling reports of the carnage that plagued the outlying lands. In a final attempt to avoid the hordes, slowly sweeping the plains, his people moved further south building a permanent settlement. Though the [southern] outpost lacked defense, the flush plains allowed them to see approaching troops from vast distances, giving them time to retreat into bordering forest.

A legion of evil had now swept over the plains his nomadic tribe once wandered. Ash was nineteen and, like many of his people, relied solely on his honed senses to survive. Each day the forces drew nearer, and each day his tribe struggled harder to hold their ground. After moonless dusk had settled, and Ash began hunting on the outskirts of his encampment, they struck. At the cry for retreat, Ash fled further into the dense forest surrounding their settlement. After scouting for weeks he realized the handful of Shifters that escaped in no way matched the innumerable captured or slaughtered. Knowing his only chance of survival was to seek civilization, he headed [east] into the Elven controlled territories. In the stronghold of [insert name] Ash started his new life of retribution against the forces that brutally enslaved and massacred his people.


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