Brian Bed (Exirth)

Doppelganger Wizard


Ahma controller maje.

Figger ett out.


Wizardry is rare among most races, and rarer among doppelgangers – they see it as redundancy on their own natural traits, and prefer to excel in martial qualities.

There are a rare few of them that are chosen to train in the powers of magic, and primordial. With their natural charm and wit, doppelgangers can excel in these roles – but not without stigma from their own kind. Thus, masters of the elements are few and far between for doppelganger kind.

Exirth was one of these few. He was chosen to be trained in the ways of the primordials, and use his elemental powers to attain the high ranking status as a court wizard in Oakhurst – a human settlement that his kind had set their eyes upon.

This was cut short by the end of the world.

With Vecna’s retreat from the world, his clan was thrown into disarray. The doppelgangers fled to every corner of the earth with their plans in ruin. Without Vecna’s blessing, they thought they could not reach their goals, and instead reverted to hiding.

Being merely an apprentice, and a social outcast due to his master’s training, Exirth was abandoned, and forced to actually survive on his own.

This turned out to be a miserable failure. Exirth knew of the potency of powerful magics, and conspired to obtain as much power as he could. He could leave his filthy universe behind and go to a new one – there, he could carve out his own existence from someone else’s.

Brian Bed (Exirth)

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