Dragonborn Cleric


6’8”, 290 lbs. Nharash is tall and muscular with yellow scales which are starting to turn brown.


Nharash was hatched into a clan or roaming warrior Dragonborn that resided upon the coastal region of _. Trained in the ways of the warrior he excelled at hand to hand combat, each swing of the sword almost guided by a helping hand. Nharash found faith in Bahamut and devoted himself wholeheartedly. At the age of 19, Nharash left his clan to pursue training as a priest. In the great city of _ Nharash found a church of open worship, a place where he could worship Bahamut freely. Continuing his training in the art of combat and worship, Nharash rose to the rank of Cleric.

Soon after receiving this title the gods left the world leaving Nharash without the answers he longed for. As a result, he spent the next 15 years of his life wandering from city to city trying to make connections with the dwindling number of Dragonborn left in an attempt to find where Bahamut has gone. These travels have lead Nharash to the town of Oakhurst where strange events have been taking place of late. He responded to the call for aid in an attempt to meet other wanderers who may have insight into the cause of this godless world.


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