Antaria (An-TAR-ee-uh) is the name used by humans in reference to the world they reside in. The world itself is incredibly diverse, with many different environments being scattered across its surface. The onset of the Apocalypse has started to erode at its more exotic locales however, and now its most exciting landscapes are strange and forbidding places.

Antaria is a fairly old world. Many nations have risen and fallen across its surface, and many of those left behind remnants of their civilizations. When they could, many of Antaria’s current inhabitants took over these ruins and adapted them to their needs, but some have still been overtaken by nature. It is not an uncommon sight to be wandering through a forest and suddenly come upon an ancient temple that sits just below the towering treeline. With the addition of burned out towns and cities from the pack of ravagers that savage the countryside, the world has begun to look abandoned and destroyed.

Still, some small patches of civilization do still abound. The country of Dysaria straddles the center of Antaria and has thus far managed to keep itself from imploding. It’s king is reaching the end of his rope however, as more and more citizens give into the nihilism that is sweeping across the world. No one is sure how long this small kingdom will be able to maintain itself.

Antaria’s climate zones are not altogether well defined. The Elemental Veils have leached a large amount of elemental power from the world, and few climates are able to maintain themselves reliably. The lush rainforests of Tzari have, for the most part, become rotting sinks of disease, and the deserts of Sharal are blasted wastelands of sand and dust. The Northern Reaches are being scoured clean by the relentless advance of mountainous glaciers, great walls of ice from which there is no escape. The only place that has been left relatively safe from the raging natural entropy is Dysaria, and they have problems of their own.


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