Chaos Mage

The crumbling borders of the world are a terrifying reminder of the approaching apocalypse. All who have gazed upon the broken and terrifying expanses at the edge of the world are stricken with the same fear of what is to come. Still, there are those who harness that fear. These Chaos Mages use the gathering entropy to channel a terrifying power that can rend the world asunder as easily as it can consume them whole.

The Elemental Veils are manifestations of the raw power of the world folding in upon itself. Since normal mages harness the power of the worlds elements, it follows that this open source into the earth’s energies would allow for even more power to be harnessed. This power comes with a price however. These energies are dangerously unstable and can easily spiral out of control when used.

When a Chaos Mage first starts channelling the power of the veils their bodies are wracked with a horrific pain as the raw energies flow through them. This searing agony is generally the end of many a new mage as any drop in concentration will allow the energies to rend them apart. However, those few who make it through the pain are rewarded with almost unlimited power. The force of their magic is amplified to an unimaginable degree by their new source of energy.

The danger of losing control stays with them for the rest of their usually short lives. The door to the power of the Elemental Veils is not easily closed once opened. From the moment they allow the power into them they are in danger of being torn apart should they ever lose control of their magic. To compensate for this, many chaos mages take on a masochistic streak, constantly torturing themselves to become immune to the pain that may one day overwhelm them in the height of casting. Unfortunately for them, the moment that they find they haven’t trained hard enough is normally the moment their lives end.

Chaos Mages are a group who have embraced a nihilistic view on their lives. Their lives are short blazes of slaughter and destruction that normally end in a spectacular self-annihilation. In their minds, the world is not worth living in anymore. Their gods have abandoned them, their hopes have been crushed, and their world is dying. Why not hasten its end?

Notable Examples

Chaos Mage

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