Government: Monarchy Demographics: 63% Human, 15% Elf, 12% Dwarf, 10% Miscellaneous Climate: Temperate


Dysaria started out as a small vassal state of Kalath, its neighboring superpower. The land was granted to Prince Dyson roughly 200 years ago, during a time of great political upheaval within Kalath. The Dakar of Kalath, Erik the Blackblade, Prince Dyson’s brother, bestowed the land upon the Prince in order to avoid any struggle over the inheritance of the throne. Prince Dyson was well loved by the populace, so the gift served as a deterrent to the young prince from making a bid for the Ruby Throne.

The Dakar had originally planned the gift to serve merely as a holding action, a small distraction for the prince until the Dakar had established himself well enough to feel safe. Dysaria could then be returned to Kalathan control without any fear of inciting a civil war on some sort of nationalist pretext. Dyson was a shrewd man however, and quickly set about making small moves to further Dysaria’s independance. The resolutions he passed were innocuous enough, but all served to establish small borders and seperations between the two neighboring states. By the time the Dakar realized what had been happening, Dysaria had fully seperated and declared its independance.

Erik’s anger was enormous, and his first instinct was to retake the small country with the now well-established Kalathan Black Regiments. He was stymied by Dyson once more however, as the young prince had set up a complex system of trading agreements and alliances with other neighboring nations. These nations had no interest in allowing such prosperous agreements to be sundered by a hostile invasion, and publicly displayed their support of Dysaria in the Grand Conflux. With the threat of a full war hanging over his head, Erik had no choice but to cede control of the small area permanently, signing into law Dysaria’s independance.

Internal Affairs:

Dysaria has been hit the lightest out of all the major powers by the oncoming Apocalypse. It’s position in the central area of Antaria has kept it relatively safe from the advance of the Elemental Veils, and its economic position before the war was one of enormous prosperity. This economic buffer was a major blessing as well, for it allowed them to maintain the large stocks of food and resources that have kept their citizens fed. The numerous cults and savage warbands of ravaging psychopaths have been kept in check as well, mostly due to the small but well-trained Dysarian Royal Guard.

This is not to say, however, that Dysaria is unaffected. Her previously shining economy is now in shambles, the coffers nearing empty as King Daron attempts to provide for the massive influx of refugees fleeing the Veils. Resolution after resolution has been passed to allow for food-rationing, housing projects, and medical care. While these resolution’s were well-intentioned, they have caused massive debts and shortages throughout the country with no end in sight to the oncoming horde of refugees. Dysaria’s once pristine cities are now cramped and dirty places, the consequence of too many people pressing into too small an area.

The populace is not overly fond of these resolutions, and a grassroots campaign to close the borders has begun among the old upper and middle classes. Their words have not fallen on deaf ears, and an atmosphere of racism and hostility has started to sweep through the Dysarian nationals. Already there have been outbreakings of mob violence against foreigners within Dysarian cities. The undergound organization known as the Sons of Dyson has also become more vocal, preaching a litany of hate and persecution. The Royal Guard is already stretched thin fighting off the bands of marauders on the borders, and none know for sure how long they will be able to keep the Sons from openly making a move.

Foreign Affairs:

Before the gods’ departure, Dysaria was a very safe and well-established nation. Not since the reign of Darien the Mad have they been involved in a major conflict, and their excellent intelligence network kept the throne well informed of potential threats. Their only enemy was Kalath, who was held mostly in check by Dysaria’s many allies.

Since The Pronouncement however, Antaria’s political system has been thrown into disarray. Countries atrophied and fell all around Dysaria, and her complex network of alliances and trading agreements was left in pieces. Thankfully, Kalath was one of the first countries to fall apart, so the threat of an invasion 200 years overdue was never fulfilled. The void left Dysaria in a strange situation liken to that of a town’s single survivor of a deadly plague. With no enemies, but also no friends, Dysaria has been forced to attempt to survive on its own without its previously extensive diplomatic relations.

The fall of neighboring nations has led to a major debate in the halls of power throughout the Dysarian government. Many members of the parliament have called for an immediate move to integrate prosperous regions across Dysaria’s borders into the country. This annexation would allow for a greater supply of food and natural resources to balance out the losses caused by the influx of refugees. The king however, has vetoed any resolution that calls for a violation of what would previously have been another nation’s soverignty. His reasoning is that should the countries restore themselves, these acts would place Dysaria in a war it could not hope to win. Needless to say, many find his views foolish and the calls for annexation are growing louder by the day.


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