Elder Gods

Mankind was not the first species to dominate Antaria by any margin. In the days of the long past many species warred for control of the world and evoked the name of black deities to speed their ascent. These dark gods were hungry masters, and many are the foul temples whose bloody altars still darken the land around them. In time these ancient civilizations annihilated themselves, leaving behind only myths of their evil past.

Only years ago any respectable theologian would have told you that these gods were merely echoes of the savage minds that imagined them. Now, however, you would be hard pressed to find someone willing to take such a skeptical stance. The worship of these gods has returned to fill the void of the people throughout the world. The same dark temples that have lain dormant for millenia are once more occupied by fanatical and bloodthirsty cultists.

In their name, roving bands of savage humanoids and debased humans sweep the land, annihilating anything in their wake. Many are the isolated villages that have been burned to their ground in an orgy of destruction and depravity before the maniacs move on. The majority of citizens would still prefer these bands to the others however. Many of the worshippers of these fell gods pose as normal people, working and living in towns and cities. When night falls however, these foul beings meet in fell covens and dark gatherings to plot their “masters’” bidding.

When the world’s meaning is taken from someone, most people look somewhere else for truth. For some, this leads them into the willing grasps of deities better left forgotten. Who can say for sure whether or not these dark beings exist, but it is sure that their worshippers are quite real, and they are not as harmless.

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