Elemental Veils

When the Old Gods first announced their departure, a few were skeptical of the reality of their claims. It didn’t take long however for the proof of their abandonment to take place. The people near the shores of Antaria’s surrounding oceans first noticed them off in the distance. Giant raging walls of pure elemental energy crawling towards them, barely noticeable in their movement. These terrifying phenomena spell instant doom to any being that attempts to cross them, and the land beyond them is completely eradicated.

Antaria is maintained by subtle interweavings of elemental power throughout its surface. These channels of force are the source of all arcane magic in the world. Long ago, the Gods instructed a select few mortals to pass along the knowledge of how to manipulate these channels in the first arcane spells. The Veils however, are a force determined to unravel these interweaving strands. Their physical form is the manifestation of the world’s energies being pulled apart and thrown to the Nether.

The Veils were noticed a few months after the Gods’ fateful pronouncement, and within the year had made landfall. Since then, they have slowly crept forward, rending the fabric of reality apart as they come. Their progress is inexorable and there remains no way to slow their movement. As they come closer and closer, more and more refugees flee inwards, the majority ending up in Dysaria. This influx of refugees has caused the kingdom no small amount of stress, as the unstable weather caused by the veils has decimated their crops.

The Veils are towering walls of uncontrolled energy. Visible from hundreds of miles away as a shimmering glow on the horizon, from a distance they look like a curtain of writhing and shifting many-hued light. Anyone approaching closer than is probably safe will see flames, giant pieces of earth, gigantic waves and other natural phenomena manifested within them. It is near impossible to get this close however, as the land around the Veils is broken and ravaged. Earth shifts and melts while the air is blasted about in enourmous hurricanes as the Veils unravel at the very strands that bind reality.

Many is the person who has attempted to harness this raw elemental power. Almost all have met with nothing but gruesome death, torn apart by the very forces they seek to control. The most “successful” of these suicidal souls are those who call themselves Chaos Mages, and even they have next to no control over the power they harness. The energy within the veils is uncontrollable and completely destructive. It is the raw manifestation of the Gods’ disdain for the world they created, and it will not be bent to any mortal’s will.

Elemental Veils

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