Government: N/A (Previously Empire)

Demographics: 90% Human, 4% Dragonborn, 3% Dwarf, 3% Miscellaneous

Climate: Coastal Temperate


Kalath was, until the Pronouncement, the strongest and most militaristic of all the countries that make up Antaria. This strength came from an ancient history of combat and ruthless expansionism that spans all of known history. Their history itself is steeped in lore and fable, but most of the stories will agree on a few solid facts.

Kalath started out in the dawning ages of the humanoid races as a small tribalistic culture of nomads. These nomads were combative in the extreme, each tribe constantly raiding and pillaging the others in an endless civil war. The Kalathan’s neighbours were grateful for this distraction, as it kept the tribes from raiding into their territories. As such, most of the fledgling city states around the tribes’ lands actively encouraged the raids against each other through bribes and mercenary services.

Into this broiling pot of aggression stepped the one known as the Dakar. Little is known of this enigmatic figure, as the tribes were not prone to making written records. It is known however, that the man was a bastard son. A cast off remnant of a clan that had been torn asunder by the feeding frenzy of clans that inhabited the land. No one knows for sure how he achieved his goal either, other than the fact that within years of him taking control of his first clan, he had assembled more tribes under one banner than had ever been seen before.

In the Old Kalathan, Dakar is a title with almost religious significance. It signifies the leader that will unite the tribes into an unstoppable force. For centuries the Kalathan soothsayers had preached the name, and the legend was deeply ingrained in their cultural consciousness. As the Dakar began fulfilling the prophecy that he had been born into, the neighboring powers grew more and more nervous at his growing strength and influence. Soon, they began assembling armies of rogue tribes and local militia’s to campaign deep into the depths of modern day Kalath and destroy this upstart savage.

The records of the battles that followed are again sparse, as the cities that united against the Dakar were all sacked and burned to the ground. Nothing of their culture or history remains, the Dakar had wiped them all from history forever. Within short order, the remaining cities fell in line and Kalath had been born. In the decades following the Dakar conquered more and more of the surrounding area until his death. To his successor was passed one of the largest empires the world had ever or would ever see.

Internal Affairs:

Kalath is no longer a country per se. Upon hearing the Pronouncement, chaos gripped the streets as more and more citizens rioted and revolted against Kalath’s restrictive governmental structure. When the Black Regiments were sent in to quell the unrest, the regular army revolted, setting off a civil war that tore the ancient empire apart.

Modern day Kalath is a shell of it’s former imperial glory. The Black Regiments have gone completely rogue after they finished crushing the regular army and have begun slaughtering anything that comes within reach of their companies. The citizens have either fled the country for the safety of nearby Dysaria, or are found wandering the steppes in small groups, a twisted throwback to the nomadic starts of this nation.

No one is sure what has happened to the Dakar, and imperial edicts have not been heard from the Black Palace since the first few months of chaos. The Black Regiments, once fanatically loyal killing machines for the Dakar, have been the worst hit by this. Their savagery is now allowed to run completely unchecked, and there is not enough blood in all the country to satisfy their thirst for slaughter.

Foreign Affairs:

Considering it no longer even exists as a country, Kalath still has a prodigious effect on foreign affairs. The collapse of the greatest military power in all of Antaria has left a power vacuum that many have been attempting to exploit.

What used to be Kalathan waters and coastline have been colonized by settlers from Shyell in the south. This influx of new territory and the ease with which it was acquired has encouraged the higher houses of Shyell to begin looking at their neighbours with greedy eyes.

Dysaria is also very affected by Kalath’s fall. The Black Regiments have been pushing more and more civilians out of Kalath and into Dysarian refugee camps. This constant influx of terror-stricken people has made it more and more difficult for Dysaria to stay on top of the situation. If that weren’t enough, the Black Regiments have begun making small crossings of the border to raid Dysarian towns, and Dysaria may not have the military strength to hold them back should they come across en masse.


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