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The world is ending.

15 years ago, the Old Gods of Antaria came forward with a message. The world was finished, it’s usefulness to them outlived. As such, they would be withdrawing their power from the realm, and allowing it to tumble into oblivion. The process is slow, but relentless.

For the last 15 years, the world has begun to slowly fall apart. Without moral order and with no future in sight, man has turned on man, killing and raping without compunction. Broken men, Chaos Mages and worshippers of older, darker gods abound. A few brave souls have held to their morals to hold out small bastions of good in the world, but they are few and far between.

It is into this hellish endgame that you have been placed. Your choices are your own to make. No gods exist anymore to tell you what to believe or how to live your life. Be who you want to be with no restrictions.

Main Page

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