Situated in the province of Northguard, Oakhurst is a small provincial town that fits in perfectly with the rolling hills of northeastern Dysaria. The town is old, and has a storied history as a stop by for traders and caravans along the Old Road.

Before the Pronouncement Oakhurst’s population would swell to almost bursting during trading season. Every year caravans from Kalath and other far off lands would bring their goods through the town to stop at the local customs office. These traders contributed largely to Oakhurst’s prosperity, and their disappearance as of late has hit the small town hard. Many of the inns and taverns around the town have been closed up by their owners along with the many other trades that catered to the influx of travellers.

Oakhusrt is in many ways a dying town, but it’s sheriff turned local magistrate Vurnor Leng has tried to keep it afloat. His leadership has allowed the town to stay safe from many threats, including a small tribe of kobolds that was driven off months back. Resources are stretched thin however, as roving bands of marauders have been sighted all about the hilly plains that surround the town, and finding where they are hiding is a difficult task. All of his available men have been conscripted for the local militia, and they are kept busy chasing down these bands. As such, Vurnor has started putting out the call to adventurers requesting help and offering pay for their services.

Local Area

The terrain around Oakhurst is largely consistent of long grassy hills. These hills form many small canyons and depressions that can serve as excellent hiding spots for all manner of creatures. The town is itself situated in one of the few large flat areas that allow for sight of oncoming threats and nearby a river that channels out of the hills surrounding and into the Ashen Plain.

The town proper is spread out lengthwise along the path of the Old Road, a major trading path for all those bringing goods the the Dysarian capital. Even with businesses shutting down constantly there still remains a few independant owners, namely a blacksmith, a local general store, and even an inn.

To the south of the town, a large fissure splits the earth. Local legend has it that an ancient dragon broke the earth open to swallow up the castle of a rebellious lord, but these stories are mostly scoffed at in today’s conversation. The truth of the rumor notwithstanding however, there remains many broken battlements and the shadow of a shattered keep just barely visible in the shadows of the trench. And although locals may scoff at the stories, none of them will go near the dark chasm during the night.


- Local farmers have been having trouble with herding their farm animals recently. Any herds let to pasture too far astray are found with cattle missing or dead. The bodies that have been found have been stabbed and drained of blood.

- An adventuring party ventured into the fissure weeks ago, but has yet to return. The owner of the local merchant business, Kerowyn Hucrele, had relatives in the group and has sent out a request for someone to look into their disappearance.


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